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SLA for Open API Initiative RESEARCH Specification

The goal of the SLA4OAI Specification is to promote an open specification for services level agreement over REST APIs which are defined via OpenAPI Specification. This specification describes the format for defining SLAs over APIs in a Technology-Neutral / Vendor-neutral way.

This GitHub project is the starting point for SLA4OAI. Here you will find the information you need about the SLA4OAI Specification, a simple static sample of what it looks like, and some general information regarding the project. In case you are interested in following or participating in the discussions for future evolutions of the spec, please refer to the SLA4OAI Technical Committee Wiki. The current version of the official SLA4OAI Specification is 1.0.0 (Draft) and you can find it here

In parallel to the main official SLA4OAI spec, a different Research Spec with additional features is being developed. This research track provides a mean to validate experimental features and specifications, such as a Basic SLA Management Services to stadardized services that control, manage, report and track SLAs.

Current Research Version - 0.10.0

The current Research Version of the SLA4OAI Specification is 0.10.0 and you can find it here

The current Research Version of the Basic SLA Management Services is 0.7.1 and you can find it here

Tools and Libraries